AESA新闻, Euro Wire Journal, 2020 三月刊


AESA Cortaillod, a cable quality metrology company from Switzerland, offers solutions to improve the electrical characteristics and the overall quality of cables, and to optimise the raw material consumption and processing time.

The company’s latest developments include the Gaia automatic cable testing system for high voltage, low frequency (RCKE) and high frequency (attenuation, impedance, phase, crosstalk) of multiple wires. The Gaia measures dielectric strength up to 6kV AC and DC, and insulation resistance on cables built with pairs or quads. The Gaia is available in three different versions for up to 24, 104 or 208 wires.

The company also has a patented new method of measuring the linear resistance of electrical conductors by axial current injection on its ResTest systems, for improved cable measurement of aluminium and copper conductors. This opens new possibilities by improving efficiency and precision, especially with large or insulated conductors.

AESA Cortaillod is expanding its Scorpius product range for measuring coaxial cables. Due to market and customer requirements, the company is adding the Scorpius DT 18 with a measuring range up to 18 GHz. The Scorpius DT 18 is contained in a compact desktop housing with equipmentf or measuring both 50? and 75? coaxial cables.

AESA Cortaillod